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Wietse Voermans


Wietse Voermans studied saxophone at the Jazz Academy of the Rotterdam Conservatory from 2009, with clarinet and piano as secondary subjects. After his bachelor's degree, he did a master's degree with a one-year exchange at the Copenhagen Conservatory. Here Wietse graduated Cum Laude in 2015 in both saxophone and composition.

He was in the semi-finals of the Erasmus Jazz Prize 2013 where he won the audience award, in 2016, he was in the final and won the prize for best soloist. With Spoken + 2 he won Keep An Eye the records in 2017. Furthermore, in 2018 he was able to realize The Pack Project, a carte blanche for composing and performing new repertoire for the Festival Jazz International.

The saxophone is currently a popular instrument. It is very versatile and can therefore be heard in many music styles such as jazz, classical, pop, blues, funk, hip-hop, folk music and house. In short, a versatile instrument on which you can develop your own sound. I teach all levels and ages: children who are starting out, adults who want to pick up the sax again, adults who have never played an instrument and now want to learn how to play the saxophone, teenagers who want to improvise in their band at a higher level, adults who want to know everything about jazz. I find it fun and challenging to, together, find the best way to get the most out of the lessons. For me, it is important to create an atmosphere where music can be played freely without shame or tension. Whether you just want to play well or want to know everything about theory and improvisation, it's my job to help!

Muziekacademie Den Haag

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