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Tineke Molenaar


My name is Tineke Molenaar.

After studying at the Conservatory in The Hague, where I was taught by Rene van Ast and Anner Bijlsma and later by Jean Decroos, I immediately started teaching at the music school in Leiden, where I always continued to teach.
At the same time, I have played in all kinds of orchestras for years, including the Radio orchestras, the former North Holland orchestra, the North Netherlands orchestra and the Frysk orchestra.
I also played in a salon quartet for years, with 75 concerts a year in the peak period.

After many years of playing, I started to focus more and more on teaching; that is how I joined the Koorenhuis in 1987. But in addition to my teaching practice, I have always continued to play myself. At the moment, I play in choral accompaniment orchestras and small ensembles.

Because there are different cello sizes, it is possible to start at a young age, but you can also learn to play meritoriously as an adult.

I mainly give 1 on 1 lessons, but I also really enjoy teaching groups, because they learn from each other and immediately learn to play together.

Lesson forms: individual, duo-lessons, trio-lessons, group lessons


  • Dutch
  • English

Muziekacademie Den Haag

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