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Jantine Veenstra


Jantine Veenstra is active as a bassoon teacher, music teacher and performing musician.

She studied bassoon with Johan Steinmann at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague. Since her studies, in addition to her bassoon, she has also been involved in music education, baroque bassoon, conducting and creative concert forms. After graduating, she worked for several years in the education department of the Residentie Orchestra, where she coordinated the Learning Orchestra, developed teaching materials, arranged music and took on production tasks. Since then, she has also developed teaching methods aimed at the beginning bassoonist.

Jantine is a bassoon teacher at the Music Academy of The Hague and Het Klooster Woerden, where she also conducts the Cappuccino Orchestra. She also teaches music weekly at De Regenboog primary school and CBS De Burcht. She is regularly invited by schools to provide workshops, both for students and teachers.

Jantine performs regularly.

In my bassoon lessons, I focus on the individual student as closely as possible. Together we work on a stable foundation that students will benefit from for a lifetime. By making the abstract of music concrete and the learning objectives transparent and workable, we always move one step further. The goal is for you as a student to become a great bassoonist and for me to become increasingly redundant as a teacher.

I think it is important to meet the needs of the student. The music style you are interested in will certainly be discussed.

We play together a lot during lessons; I play along on bassoon or piano. Making music together is the ultimate goal!

I regularly organize activities such as class recitals and group lessons, reed-making lessons and a nice dinner with other students: together, we are like a bassoon family - I think that is important when you choose such a special and often unknown instrument.


  • Dutch
  • Frisian
  • English
  • German
  • Spanish

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