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Imme Tonkes


As a child, after three lessons on the violin, I played my own music with a cello buddy, because reading notes was still too difficult: I still enjoy creating and communicating with sound in violin lessons and ensembles. I have played in orchestras and bands, classical, folk, modern, klezmer, jazz: forms of teamwork with different 'rules of the game' that I like to combine and thus offer room for creativity and a players' own input.

After school music teacher and violin studies in The Hague and Rotterdam, I worked at music schools, primary education and school counseling organizations. I continue to learn and discover in my work and through singing and jazz improvisation lessons, my string quartet and the Novilo coaching course.

In my current work as an ensemble leader and violin teacher, I organize several annual projects and together we create unique musical and social experiences.

About the Berlage Strings

The harmony of a string group with several voices - it sounds so warm and full! There are countless wonderful compositions written for this ensemble through all time periods.
Playing a piece of music together is a complex matter: learning to play your instrument, presenting the music, attuning and reacting to each other, feeling the resonance of the sound… This does not immediately work perfectly; it takes time and practice.

The challenge is to keep an overview and go with the flow! This learning process is always a journey of discovery with each other and the music. I have worked for many years with children's and youth ensembles. In 2021, I joined Berlage Strings, where I enjoy taking on new challenges with adults.

Working together is a motivation to keep practising. Having a clear goal also helps. When, after a period of working together, the music is finally performed at a concert, it gives a feeling of happiness and a pleasant togetherness in which everyone's input counts!

Muziekacademie Den Haag

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