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Elfride van Bemmelen


Early on during my piano studies at the conservatory in Utrecht, I started teaching in Utrecht and The Hague. After completing my piano studies at the conservatory with Herman Ulhorn and Alwin Bår, I was appointed as a piano teacher at the Koorenhuis in The Hague. In addition to teaching, I enjoyed accompanying dance lessons and dance performances and played with various musicians in duos and small ensembles.

For me, the student as a person is central to teaching. I think it is very important that every student can get the best out of themselves and can work at their own level. Besides learning a thorough piano technique, the pleasure in making music is paramount for me. Together with the student, I look at what their wishes are and how we can achieve that goal. In addition to playing the piano, I sing a lot with my students and also teach them to accompany themselves, using chords.

Twice a year, I organize a student concert where everyone who wants to, can play. In addition, I regularly make a big performance with my students. We take a story told by an actress and musically illustrated by the students with piano and vocals.

I really enjoy teaching all ages, individually and in groups. Children can start from age 6, grade 1.

It is mandatory to have a piano or electric piano at home (no keyboard), because it is important that you can practice at home.

Teaching methods: Individual, duo, trio


  • Dutch
  • English

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