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Judith Heeren


My name is Judith Heeren. I am happy to be part of the team of teachers at the Music Academy for the past few years now. I did my training at the conservatory in The Hague, with Isidor Lateiner and John Harding (first violinist of the Orlando quartet and then concertmaster of the Residentie Orkest). After completing my Bachelor’s Diploma (then called the Teacher’s Diploma), I continued to obtain my Master’s (Performance degree), studying for a number of years at the School of the Arts in Arnhem, where I was taught by Heinz Oberdorfer (also a violinist in the Orlando quartet).

Since my graduation in 1995, I have enjoyed teaching young and old alike. I think it is a fantastic vocation to initiate children into the world of (classical) music and to challenge them to learn the traditional side of playing the violin, something that sometimes demands a lot on a cognitive, motor and emotional level.

I encourage students to play together, with me in class, with the piano, in small ensembles under my direction and of course with the Youth Orchestras in The Hague. Because you make music together!

Muziekacademie Den Haag

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