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Johan Paap


Johan Paap is an accordion teacher at the Hillegom Music School, Music collective Bodegraven and Music Academy The Hague.

Johan plays Klezmer in the ensemble “Lautareasca”. He plays “regular” accordion as well as digital Roland Fr8x.

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Johan started playing the accordion when he was eight years old. After high school, he went to the Conservatory. There, he studied accordion with Arie Willems at the Sweelinck Conservatory and graduated in 1979. After the conservatory, he developed an interest in folk music (world music), first in a somewhat larger general folk music orchestra, later in a more specialized duo that played Bulgarian music, and Romanian music in an orchestra as well as in a duo.

In my accordion lessons, I use existing teaching methods. For individual (adult) students, the method is usually chosen in consultation with the student. A number of students sometimes already know exactly what kind of music they want to play. I try to take these wishes into account as much as possible. So it may be that one student plays the klezmer teaching method, and another Dutch repertoire or music that goes towards classical music or something else ……….

The great thing about the accordion is that the instrument has so many possibilities.

Teaching methods: individual lessons, duo-lessons, (when there are enough registrations), all ages, beginners and advanced


  • Dutch
  • English

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